Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine In India

Alkaline water restores the balance of PH in the human body
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Water ionization !!

Health helps in weight management
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” Water brings disease, Water brings health! “ We bring a personal and effective approach to every customer.
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Atros water ionizer gives ORP up to -1100mv

which is the highest in all, without adding any chemical.

Dissolved Hydrogen level up to 1800PPB

which is highest in all, without adding any chemical.
Atros Water Ionizer

Lowest Maintenance

Atros Water Ionizer has a double thick Platinum coated titanium plates.
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Made in India

Atros is made in India and India fastest growing company.

Nationally-Internationally certificated products

ATROS Water, products and company are Nationally and internationally certificated
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Mineral Rich Ionizer available at different models. Comfortable and affordable Ionizer and RO service provider

How to choose Best water ionizer...!

All we need to drink ionized water. There are few brands available in the market so how to choose Best one...?

We will help you.

If the Purpose is Drinking water then choose

As per WHO guidelines and BIS (Beuro of Indian Standards) pH 8.5 is preferred for regular drinking. So drink only 8.5 pH water on regular basis.
At 8.5 pH - Antioxidant property: ORP should be in negative. Dissolved Hydrogen level should be good enough. ATROS Ionizer gives you upto 1800 ppb. More than any water Ionizer in the world.
ATROS SP 5 gives you -450 to -550 orp at 8.5. - Highest in class.

All these results without adding any chemical or catalyst.

Chemical Free

Ionizer should not use any chemicals or filter to push the ionisation process.


Ionizers are having electrodes /plates in it, so just need to clean it and annual maintenance should not exceed INR 2000


The company should have their own technology.


Between INR 39, 000 to INR 2, 49, 000 (as per your budget)

Make In India

Prefer Make in India instead of made in China or imported.


ATROS Alkaline Water Ionizers are developed with the ATROS Technology in collaboration with CSIR-IICT, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India


Mineral Rich Ionized Water for Healthy Living

Water ionizers have been used in Japan and other parts of Asia for over 40 years and are certified by the Korean and Japanese Ministries of Health as an approved medical device. Ionized water has helped millions of people fight many disease and it has many health benefits. Tap Water, UV Treated Water, RO Water and Bottled Water are mostly acidic as it may have pH (4to 6) less than 7. Such water may also have Positive Charged ORP (+100 to +350) which is a Oxidant Water. Science has proved that Acidic and Oxidant water is not Good for health. Which is actually leads to many diseases and health issues.

These oxidants can damage cells by starting chemical chain reactions such as lipid peroxidation, or by oxidizing DNA or proteins. Damage to DNA can cause mutations and possibly cancer, if not reversed by DNA repair mechanisms, while damage to proteins causes enzyme inhibition, denaturation and protein degradation.

Anti Oxidant

Antioxidants fight off/stop the free radicals from even forming while attacking the one already running around. Antioxidants interact with and neutralize free radicals, thus preventing them from causing damage. Antioxidants are also known as “free radical scavengers.” As per the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, USA.


Science has proven that dangerous, acidic oxidants can’t live in alkaline environment. Alkaline water helps in increasing alkalinity and decreasing acidity in the body.

Hydrogen Rich

Hydrogen water simply means water with free hydrogen to act as antioxidant properties to scavenge damaging ROS! (Reactive Oxygen Species)

Micro Clustered

Tap water which is under pressure has very large clusters of 12-14 molecules. The ionization process breaks the electrical bonding of water molecules and restructures the water down to about 5-6 molecules per cluster. Alkaline water super hydrates the body Water molecules come in clusters rather than single molecules.

Mineral Rich Ionized Water for Healthy Living

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Our Technology

Aqua Tech works in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial RO Systems. The company also manufactures packaged RO systems for ground, bore well, well, river and tap water applications in standard capacities of portable water production.


RO Water Purifiers

Aqua Tech Multiple Purification stages bring down excessive TDS level removing all impurities and making the water 100% pure.


Protect your Family with Purest Drinking Water

Ultraviolet Tube for 100% sterilization of water for safe drinking.


UF Water Purifier

To be Ultrafiltration for double protection to ensure complete removal of any accidental residual impurities.

Ionizer (Minaral Rich)

ORP = Oxidation Reduction Potential

Ionized water contributes to improved health and wellbeing

Computer Controlled RO

Specially Designed for residential towers Using Ro System with Zero Waste Water Process

Using Microprocessor chip we Handled Various RO System

Concept Purification

Purification is the process of rendering something pure

Specially Designed for residential towers Using Ro System with Zero Waste Water Process

pH Enhancer

pH Enhancer cartridge for All RO/UV/UF Water purifiers

pH Enhancer or Alkaline booster is used in many ways to to raise and correct the PH level and also to offset the acidity specially in food intakes.

Controlled Ozonization

chemical water treatment technique based on the infusion of ozone into water.

This System Is developed to control high Risk ozonisation.

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