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Become Channel Partner

Become a Channel Partner

With the increasing level of water pollution, water purifiers have become a necessity and provide an attractive opportunity of growth for retailers, and entrepreneurs. We are constantly striving to expand our network, which is the reason why we are on a constant lookout for channel partners. The requirement for water purifiers is bound to grow which makes it a profitable option to become a channel partner with Aqua Tech. Whether you are a distributor, freelancer, retailer, entrepreneur or freelance sales agents, you can become our channel partner to help us expand our network. When you become a channel partner, you get maximum benefits of our existing values, comprehensive values and marketing support to maximize your profits. To become a channel partner, you need to fill the form with all the necessary information and we will get back to you for the next steps.

Are you a retailer? Freelancer? Entrepreneur? Service Provider? With the penetration of water purifiers still being less than 5% in India, there is a huge opportunity for growth in this category. With the quality of water, air and food deteriorating day by day, the market is only bound to grow. In order to further establish ourselves as market leaders within the water purification industry, we are constantly striving to expand our network and reach with our innovative products. The Aqua Tech brand is recognized for its industry leading innovation, quality and certified performance. Whether you are a distributor, retailer, entrepreneur or a freelance sales agent, we have tailored solutions to help you in becoming a channel partner. Becoming a channel partner provides you with the benefits of our existing values along with comprehensive sales and marketing support designed to maximize your profit. Your success is our success and to ensure that, we help you in setting goals, perform periodic reviews and provide feedback which will lead to successful execution.
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ATROS Product is Certified

ATROS is certified for its Quality Management System and Product Design, Development & Manufacturing, Supply, Installation and Service of Water Ioniser, RO Systems, Water Softeners,Water Treatment Plants etc. for Domestic and Industrial Purpose.

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